Penta Mezzanine Fund: A True Partnership Approach with CEOs


GrowthCap speaks with Seth Ellis whose series of business successes makes him a unique investor and partner to CEOs

Offshore Premium Tech Talent Excels in Data Sciences


Sev Onyshkevych, serial technology entrepreneur and Chief Marketing Officer of ELEKS, speaks with GrowthCap, about how Ukrainian software engineers are differentiating themselves in the field of data sciences

Former Xerox PARC Research Scientist Solves Bottleneck to Faster Software Delivery


Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop, speaks with GrowthCap about how their platform technology has enabled software development professionals to collaborate seamlessly and in real time for faster deployments.

Navy SEAL Mindset: Leading Through Complexity


Jocko Willink, a highly decorated Navy SEAL and co-author of best selling business book, Extreme Ownership, shares how his experiences as a Navy SEAL and on the battlefield in Iraq can be instrumental to creating high performing cultures in the business world.  

Cyber Security Pioneer Illuminates the Deep & Dark Web


Josh Lefkowitz, CEO and Co-Founder of Flashpoint, speaks with GrowthCap about the critical need for corporations and governments alike to stay ahead of the Deep & Dark Web as illicit actors become more commonplace in both the physical and digital worlds.

How a Flextronics Spin-Off Raised $65M and is Revolutionizing the Global Supply Chain


Nader Mikhail, CEO and Founder of Elementum, speaks with GrowthCap about reinventing how companies think about supply chain management and the dynamics of founding an internal venture within a Fortune 500 company.

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