What it takes to be the best [in growth equity]


Excelling in growth equity can be ambiguous particularly during the middle years of one’s career.  Investment horizons can extend up to seven even ten years so the outcome of a particular investment may not be well known until after a decade capital was invested.  Or, if an investor has a few stellar exits, where does … Continue reading What it takes to be the best [in growth equity]

How Family Offices Invest


The recent WSJ article on Bill Gates’ and Prince al-Waleed’s investment in the Four Seasons brings to light the amount of wealth and investment capital held by family offices globally and their approach to investing.   Over $4 trillion is managed by this distinct set of entities set up to manage the assets of families … Continue reading How Family Offices Invest

Growth CEO Essentials: Capital As A Strategy


Capital is not a commodity. For growth CEOs, finding the right capital partner can make all the difference. Growth equity investors with expertise, network and judgment can lead to sustained accelerated growth and a successful exit. The concept of capital as a strategy was first introduced to me by an old friend, the founder of … Continue reading Growth CEO Essentials: Capital As A Strategy

The Rise of Family Offices in Direct Private Equity Investment


Family offices have long known about the possibilities for outsized returns in direct private equity investing; they are now becoming more sophisticated in understanding other aspects of the asset class

Vega Factor CEO Maps Out Science to Workforce Performance


Lindsay McGregor, Founder and CEO of Vega Factor and author of New York Times Bestseller Primed to Perform, speaks with GrowthCap about total motivation and the most important factors in creating a high performing culture.

GrowthCap’s Investor of the Year


GrowthCap is pleased to announce NEA’s Harry Weller as 2015 Investor of the Year. Having evaluated the universe of partner level professionals at the top performing growth equity firms, Harry’s performance stood out amongst his peers.

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