Investment Banking Redefined

GrowthCap Partners (“GrowthCap”) is actively recruiting driven and entrepreneurial investment bankers who are seeking higher earning potential and a flexible work environment.

Earn More

We believe investment bankers should earn more.  At GrowthCap, compensation is not capped by a compensation committee nor is it subject to internal politics.  Earnings are tied directly to your performance and the deals that you close.

Where You Want

We believe investment bankers can be more productive if they are allowed to work in their chosen location.  Commuting to and from an office or attending firm meetings is inefficient.  Work where it makes most sense for you or if you prefer to work out of one of our locations, we have you covered.

When You Want

We believe investment bankers should decide on their own schedule.  Working 9 to 5 is outdated, work should be done when it is needed and meetings should be scheduled when it works for you.  You should have the flexibility to attend each and every one of your personal obligations.  It’s your time.  We believe you should own it.

Life on Your Terms

We want to give investment bankers the freedom to build their careers as they see fit.  Our mission is to enable higher earning potential and life on your terms.

Learn more about opportunities with GrowthCap.  Feel free to send us a note.

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